125 Years of Gethsemane:

Planted in Faith, 
Grown in the Community,

Harvesting God's Blessings for All.

On Sunday, October 27th, 2019, Gethsemane celebrated its 125th Anniversary!

(Actual Anniversary date is October 25th)

Volunteer hours

It’s go time! 


We set a goal to collectively reach 125,000 volunteer hours! Whether you volunteer at your kids' school, attend neighborhood meetings, help out a friend or stranger we want to know about it!

We make tracking easy—each week on the back of the church attendance insert there will be a space for you to log you/your family’s hours. (We do not need it to be broken up individually.) As you see below, there is also an electronic tracker.


 Last week (2/16-2/22)  we clocked a collective 350 hours; bringing our grand total so far to over 9k hours!

There is a chart tracker hanging in the Fellowship Hall! Log your hours so we can uncover the rainbow!

We are a Reconciling in Christ Church

ELCA Lutheran Church
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