December 1, 2018


Recently I received word that Gethsemane’s oldest member, Pauline Meinecke at age 104, had passed away in Mesa, Arizona.  After her 90th and 95th birthdays, Pauline had distributed her “Top Ten” List to her family and friends.  Her “Top Ten” included sayings such as:  Think of the past, but LIVE for the future.  It’s not how FULL your cup is—it’s the CONTENTS that matter.  If any fences are in need of mending—go to it!


October 15, 2018

Let all things now living, a song of thanksgiving to God the creator triumphantly raise.” 
(ELW #881)

As I prepare to retire after 14 years at Gethsemane and 36 years of ordained ministry, I find myself looking around my office and offering a song of thanksgiving for those who have been part of the journey.

The cover of my ordination invitation reminds me of all who encouraged and supported that call, especially in days when women in ordained ministry were not commonly experienced.  Like the woman at the well, I ex...

September 10, 2018

We just finished observing “God’s work. Our hands” Sunday. It was wonderful to hear the “buzz” in the Fellowship Hall and see people of all ages excited about serving in Jesus’ name.

God’s work. Our hands. provides an opportunity to gain new insights, to be renewed in faith and to gain fresh strength for serving in all our daily callings. Loving, liberated service to others is more than a one-time or even ongoing activity. Being baptized into Christ’s life creates a whole new world of relationships — with God, wi...

May 1, 2018

“When a church is driven by member preference, it is headed toward decline, then death.  The decline may be protracted and the death may be delayed, but it is inevitable.”  Thom Rainer 

Ouch.  I know it’s not a particularly “Easter” thought.  I squirm as I type it.  I saw this quote in my Facebook feed a couple months ago, however, and I haven’t been able to shake it. 

Often, our “church” conversations focus on what we like and/or what we don’t like – our preferences.  I like that hymn.  I don...

February 1, 2018

Here at Gethsemane, this Lent is also about hearts as we focus on cultivating compassion.  Each Wednesday during midweek worship we will look at steps toward developing compassion by looking at Christ’s compassionate heart.

February 28, 2017