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Sounds of Gethsemane
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Let Your Light Shine
GLC + Stewards On Demand

Gethsemane Stewardship – GLC+ Stewards on Demand


Sounds of Gethsemane, Count on Me, Get Your Mission On, and #Let your Light Shine are just a few of Gethsemane’s past Stewardship themes as we explored ways to grow stewards of faith and giving. We were able to celebrate GLC members gifts of time, talents, and treasures. The sanctuary lights continue to glow in God’s grace as the organ plays in tune across the rafters.  Thank you for Gethsemane members that contributed to those fund-raising efforts.


Now as we look toward Gethsemane’s 130th year, our Stewardship campaign is titled – GLC+ Stewards on Demand. On Sunday, Oct.22nd, you heard a quick overview of the Stewards on Demand message. Over the following four weeks we will see and hear of ways Gethsemane members are stewards of God’s grace and how they bundle their faith in the support of others. The front of the church will be decorated and mission moments will be shared about being God’s stewards to build a solid faith foundation. In addition, you’ll hear from stewards of GLC mutual ministry, creation/environment, and resources. These are great examples of being stewards of giving in abundance. On Sunday, Nov. 19th we’ll celebrate our commitment of our time/talent/treasures to God.   


We are blessed to have counted on you to let your faith light shine and share the sounds of that faith. As I stated in the Oct. 22nd Gethsemane Mission Moment, normally it’s not a good idea to tie stewardship directly to budgets since what we have, is God’s and comes from God, but over the past few years we’ve had deficit budgets. Members were generous in giving to GLC lights and organ funds which have addressed those needs. This has enabled Gethsemane members to focus on Gethsemane staff needs and provide our time, talent, and treasures in support of the church mission in 2024. As we look forward to ways we can continue to grow in God’s word, be on the lookout for ways to stream your faith in the support of others, as Stewards-on-Demand.


Thank you,

Keith Paulson        

GLC Stewardship Committee Chair

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