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“God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday, Aug. 27, 2023

buder 2023
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“God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday — We are church together. As Ephesians 2:8-10 reminds us, God has created us by grace to live in union with Jesus Christ and has prepared us to live faithful, fruitful lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Christ, God has reconciled us to God and to each other. As we gather around word and sacraments, this life in Christ defines, shapes and guides us as a community of faith, the church. By God’s grace we can and do live confidently and generously in this community of faith and in service of others. 

Here are some of the ways we were helping our community during God's work. Our hands. Sunday day of service.                                               

                                                                                   Black means the project is here at the church

                                                                                   Red means this will be off-site.

                                                                                   Green means you can do this from home.

0. On Saturday, August 19th there will be an electronics recycling drive from 10am-2pm.


1. Assemble Kits for LifeWiseSTL   

2. Donate men's and women's underwear to the kits for LifeWiseSTL

3. Make Casseroles in Gethsemane's kitchen.

4. Order from Bridge Bread You can pre-order and the bread will be here on Sunday for you to pick up.

5. Outdoor spruce-up of Buder

6. Lock it for Love gun lock distribution at Gethsemane.

7. Bring in donations (click for a list of items) for CARE STL (Center for Animal Rescue & Enrichment of St. Louis)

8. Write encouraging cards to other RIC churches.

9. Participate in a Little Free Pantry Food Drive .

10. Canvas the neighborhood to gather signatures to raise the minimum wage in MO.

11. Advocate for change! "In the ELCA we believe that, through baptism, God is calling us into the world to serve together. We are a church that views governments as helpful ways God is active in our world and that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and public life. When we, as ELCA members, lift our voices together to influence policies that advance the common good, we further God’s work in our world. Shaped by the ELCA’s social teaching documents and the experiences of its congregations, ministries, and partners, we advocate to end world hunger and stands up for policies that create opportunities to overcome poverty, promote peace and dignity, preserve God’s creation and promote racial justice." (ELCA Advocacy) Participate in a letter-writing campaign to your representatives. Templates can be found here. Click here to find out who represents you. 

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