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Gethsemane Youth Group - GYG

Confirmation Ministry: Classes for 6th - 8th graders in preparation for the Rite of Confirmation/ Affirmation of Baptism. Youth also participate in service projects, overnights, and special events!


Gethsemane Youth Group (GYG):  Sunday morning youth class for high school students meets between services to discuss faith and current topics. Fun activities and service projects are held throughout the year with ELCA South Cluster Youth. Youth participate in the ELCA Youth Gathering and Mission Trips.                                                                                                                                                   


Upcoming dates:

July 16-20 the Gathering

The five youth and three adults travelling to New Orleans for the Youth Gathering are getting excited for their trip!


Thank you for supporting this krewe!


They are given the unique opportunity to lean into their faith and help those in need.


One thing that is an assurance about New Orleans is that there will be another hurricane or natural disaster at some point in the future. To be better prepared to help those affected the attendees are asked to provide an in-kind offering of hurricane relief supplies. Gethsemane’s region have been asked to provide Liquid I.V. To order and have it directly sent to New Orleans, please use this link

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