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Sunday School is back at Gethsemane! To register for the 2023/2024 school year click here! Each family that registers will receive an email with instructions. 

Sunday School Opening begins in the sanctuary at 9:45am for songs and music with Matthew and Linus Christian. Students and teachers will then head to their classrooms at 10am.

The Sunday School program educates children in the Word of the Lord through worship, song, story-time, prayer and creative activities. There are many stepping stones in this learning process including Baptism, First Communion, Bible Survey and Confirmation to name a few.

Our Sunday School program serves kids from three-years (PreK)-12th grade. 

Confirmation Class is offered for 6th - 8th graders. (Meets in the conference room every Sunday. Additional dates will be sent to families participating in Confirmation.)

GYG (Gethsemane Youth Group) is for confirmed High School students. (Meets in the High School room)

If you love children and their enthusiasm to learn, please consider being a Sunday School teacher or helper. Please contact Gretchen Jenson.

Sunday School!


Dancing and Singing


Dancing and Singing


Practicing for Christmas Program


Creation Story


Chalk mural


Closing prayer


Yum! Ted Drewes!

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