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Member Care Team

   If you have a heart for caring for the faith community at Gethsemane and may be interested in volunteering on this committee, please contact Gethsemane's Office Manager, Kim Elliott

Member Care team meets roughly four times a year. 

  OWLS: (Older Wiser LutheranS) Lois Wind - Lead

          -  Organize drivers to church

          -  Visits and phone calls to home bound

          -  Communion to home bound

          -  Make and send uplifting cards


   Physical: Joan Williams - Lead

          - Blood Pressure checks

          - Replace 1st Aid Kits

          - Defib machine upkeep

          - Coordinate a liaison with St. Joan of Arc for similar services


Food Ministry: (Caring Casseroles and community cookies)

Vacant - Lead

Vacant - Cookie Lead

Upcoming events and resources:

Member Care Team will meet in the library every other month.

If you are 55 or older and are interested in volunteering with LifeWise STL as a companion, visit their website for details.

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