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On Your First Visit to Gethsemane, You May be Wondering:

* Please note:

This information is relevant during normal times when we are worshiping as a large community and not during a global pandemic.  Some of this information is not relevant, but is left up so you can see what to expect once we do return to regular worship.

Do you have a nursery and where is it?  We have a nursery for children through age four (4).  It is staffed by a paid attendant during both worship services.  The nursery is located on the lower level, down the “Sunday School” hallway.  Ask an usher, greeter, or member for further directions. There is no cost to the families who utilize the nursery.


What is the best way to get to know people?  Between services (from 9:30-10:45am), we have coffee, doughnuts, and conversation in the Fellowship Hall downstairs.  This “holy hospitality” is a great informal occasion to meet and greet members (and for them to meet and greet you).  Don’t be shy – introduce yourself and join a table.


Am I welcome to take Holy Communion?  All who seek the Lord are welcome at Christ’s table to receive the gift of God’s grace!  The ushers will invite you forward for communion.  You will be given the bread by the pastor.  Then you are welcome to drink the wine from the common cup, or from one of the individual glasses in the round trays.  Light colored grape juice is also available in the round trays.  Gluten free wafers are available upon request.  Return to your seat by the side aisle, placing your used individual cup in one of the trays in the front of the church.


What kind of Lutheran church is this?  Gethsemane is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), a 4.9 million member church body.  Lutherans rely on God's love to be the basis of our relationship with God. Make sure to ask a worshiper or a Pastor if you have "Lutheran Questions."


What does “Gethsemane” mean?  The night before he was killed, Jesus prayed in a garden. The name of that place was Gethsemane. We remember that Jesus asked that God work God's will through him.


Worship at Gethsemane seems a lot like the Roman Catholic Church.  Yes, it does. Lutheran Worship is liturgical - and that means we do many of the same things over each week. Liturgy is a combination Greek word which means: "The work of the people." 


Who are your members?  Gethsemane was organized in 1894 and ministered primarily to the Swedish Lutheran community.  Today, our membership reflects the neighborhood in which the church is located.  We are young and old, from Lutheran backgrounds and other Christian traditions, with a diversity of educational backgrounds, opinions, and occupations. History of Gethsemane


What do I have to do to become a member?  Curious about being a member of Gethsemane? Please speak with the Pastor(s) about what that means. You can click here to get the ball rolling!

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