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Instant Church Directory returns to Gethsemane!

Click here for a printable PDF (password protected, you'll need to call the church office for the password). Click on the logo above for the online version or find the app from your app store and follow the prompts.  Welcome back!

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What's the difference? 

The Member Portal is where you can update your personal information. You can choose what information other Gethsemane** members see (address, phone number, email), you can upload and/or change any pictures, you can see you year to date giving, you can indicate a willing to serve in various capacities. (i.e. you can sign up to usher, be on the Altar Guild, join the welcoming committee, let people know if you have any skill you would be willing to share with others, etc.)

The Directory is where you can look up other Gethsemane members and see any information they have chosen to be public*. (Email, address, phone numbers.) It will also show you who else has indicated a willingness to serve in any task that needs to be performed or which group they would like to be a part of or are a part of. For example, you could do a search for available ushers to replace you in case you are unavailable to usher on your assigned Sunday. 

If you have never logged in, you just need the main email we have on file for your household. (e sure to bookmark your login page!)

Not sure which email is your main email?
Email or call the church office and we can help you out!

* The directory is password protected and only Gethsemane members would be able to view your information. Each individual has the ability to limit what others can see about them. For example, one could choose to hide their home address but keep their phone number and email address listed.

** Again, only Gethsemane Members would be able to view.) 

UPDATE: May people were having trouble accessing the Gethsemane Directory so we brought back the Instant Church Directory. The directory access through the Member Portal will still be there to anyone who can figure it out, but if you want easy (secure) access, you can now choose to go through the Instant Church Directory!

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