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“It is Well With Our Soul” — 2018 Stewardship Emphasis

Sunday, November 5th Gethsemane Youth Group (GYG) member Ben McElwee shared how he sees the Soul of Gethsemane.  The GYG also held a pancake breakfast to raise money for the 2018 Youth Gathering in Houston. (See pics from the breakfast above and on facebook.)


Sunday, November 12th Rev. Brenda Booth from Isaiah 58 Ministries (food pantry) will let us know how our giving can nourish the bodies and souls of our community.


Sunday, November 19th - Stewardship Response Sunday.  

Steve Doss will help us reflect and celebrate in gratitude for the wellness of our soul and the gifts of God. Pledge cards for 2018 will be distributed and collected in worship.  Bring your favorite pie or dessert to share during Fellowship Hour as Food for the Soul! 

 We invite you to complete the “tweets” physically at the church and on your favorite social media platform:



You should have received in the mail to bring to church (there are plenty of paper copies should you forget!) and share between November 5th and 19th.  You can post them on our “See What’s Trending at Gethsemane” Board in the narthex.  (See picture above!)


Over the three weeks you can also bring food and canned goods to be donated to the St. Anthony and Isaiah 58 food pantries. Just put items in the front of church to add to our cornucopia of giving. 
 Let’s see what’s trending in our soul at Gethsemane.  The Soul of Gethsemane is well and flowing with Grace, where there’s peace like a river in my soul. We look forward to sharing and experiencing that grace as a family in Christ caring for all people.   


The 2018 Stewardship Theme is "Soul of Gethsemane – It is Well with My Soul" based on ELW Hymn No. 785.  “When Peace Like a River/It is Well with My Soul” was written by Horatio Spafford in 1876 after multiple traumatic family events.

He still found a presence of God where all was good with his soul and he reached out of his suffering to engage in philanthropic work among the people of Jerusalem regardless of religious affiliation. God provides a light for each of us to follow to find and share what is good with our soul. 



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